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Sunday, 2019-05-26
Main » 2012 » September » 22 » My Boyfriend Doesn't Return My Calls – Some Most Likely Reasons
7:15 AM
My Boyfriend Doesn't Return My Calls – Some Most Likely Reasons
"My boyfriend doesn't return my calls and I want to know why." Many women unfortunately wonder about this when they're in a dating relationship. It's frustrating to be with a great guy who just won't call you back when he says he will. Try as we might to unravel this confusing puzzle it's just not that easy. If you're with a man who does this it can leave you wondering whether he's as crazy about you as he says he is. What you need to do if this is becoming an issue in your relationship is to understand why your boyfriend doesn't call and what steps you need to be taking, starting today, to change that behavior so he'll call more often.

If your boyfriend doesn't return your calls the reason may not be as sinister as you think. He's likely not ignoring you on purpose and chances are very good that he's not deliberately trying to make you feel rejected. Most men don't return calls for a couple of reasons. The first being that they simply don't remember to do it. This typically happens when a couple has been together for awhile and the relationship has settled into a routine. If he knows you love him and believes that you know that he loves you, he just won't view the call as that important. He's no longer in the phase of trying to impress you, so other things will often take precedence in his mind. The other reason many men don't return calls is they know that their girlfriend will do the calling. If you've demonstrated through your past behavior that if he doesn't call, you will, he'll be less inclined to do the calling.

The easiest way to fix a problem like this is to change your own behavior. Talking to your boyfriend and explaining how much it hurts you when he doesn't call will likely just make him defensive and an emotional wall will go up. Instead, stop calling him as often. If he promises you a call and doesn't deliver, don't pick up the slack. Don't reach for the phone to call him. Instead let him call, whenever that might be. If you do this a few times, his behavior will change. This is much more effective and much less combative than confronting him with demands about why he's not more attentive. In a case like this, actions really do speak louder than words.

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