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Sunday, 2019-05-26
Main » 2012 » October » 18 » Secret Signs That a Man Loves You
6:58 AM
Secret Signs That a Man Loves You
Wouldn't life be almost ideal if the guy you were involved with was as open and honest about his feeling as you are? Unfortunately for us, most men just aren't this way. Men keep their feelings much closer to the vest and they are much less likely to proclaim their undying love and devotion until they're sure we're the one. That's leaves us all guessing as to what exactly is going on in our man's heart and mind. Fortunately, there are secret signs that a man loves you. If you notice any of these in the man you adore, you can rest assured that he feels as emotionally connected to you as you do to him.

One of the secret signs that a guy likes you is the way he looks at you. We've all noticed how some men look at their women. They can't take their eyes off them and they seem glued to them regardless of who else is in the room. Take special notice of how your man looks at you when you two are out for dinner. Does he seem fixated on you and does he look lovingly into your eyes? If he does, he definitely is falling for you.

Another related way to tell if a man adores you is the topic of conversation during dinner. Men are notorious for talking about themselves. Most men are used to doing this when they are single and actively dating because it's their way of sharing everything they can about themselves to a prospective partner. If he seems to go on endlessly about what he's been doing and the things that are happening in his life, the only person he's currently in love with is the one who looks back at him in the mirror. However, when the conversation shifts to being about you more often, he's starting to fall in love with you. A man in love is like a sponge when it comes to information about the woman he's crazy about. He'll want to know anything and everything there is to know about you.

His desire to always be touching you is another of the secret signs that a man loves you. When a man has opened his heart to a woman, being close to her physically is very important to him. He'll constantly be reaching for her hand, touching her leg or tenderly running his hand down her back if they are seated next to one another. Many women don't recognize the true meaning behind innocent gestures like this but they are very telling. If your man loves touching you, he's hooked.

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