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Sunday, 2019-05-26
Main » 2012 » October » 10 » My Husband Doesn't Want to Make Love to Me - Why This Happens and What You Can Do
4:21 AM
My Husband Doesn't Want to Make Love to Me - Why This Happens and What You Can Do
"My husband doesn't want to make love to me." If a woman thinks or says this to herself she's struggling under an umbrella of conflicting emotions. When your husband won't be intimate with you anymore, you're bound to feel rejection and resentment. You'll start to question your own self worth as a woman and you'll wonder whether he's being faithful. It's a tricky situation and one, if left unaddressed that can lead to divorce. If you feel sexually neglected by your husband, you need to act now to change things before it's too late.

The first conclusion any woman understandably jumps to when she thinks to herself, "my husband doesn't want to make love to me," is that he's making love with someone else. Surprisingly, when a man is being unfaithful to his wife he'll often want to be intimate more often. The reasoning is very simple. He does that to get rid of the guilt he's feeling. He'll believe in his mind that if he's making love with his wife as often as he is with his mistress that he's taking less away from the woman he married. So, don't assume that your husband is committing adultery if he's not interested in intimacy anymore.

There are several common reasons why men stop making love with their wives. A few examples are that the man is feeling a great deal of outside stress and this affects his desire for his wife. The couple has been facing a conflict and that has impacted his feelings to the point that he doesn't feel as connected to her. Also, just like women, men can become very conscious of their body image and if your husband has gained a few extra pounds he may feel wary of being physical.

Talking to him about the difficulties in the bedroom may feel like the right thing to do, but that's not always the case. Men can withdraw even further when they are confronted with issues like this. If you've already tried bringing it up and he's pulled back, you need to take another route to remedy it.

Try and pinpoint what you believe the problem is. If you feel that it's related to the stress in his life, find ways to help alleviate that. Work with him to find a resolution if you two have been quarrelling about something. Risking the happiness of your marriage likely isn't worth winning the argument. Compromise is a good thing in this case.
If you believe your husband is feeling unhappy with his body, get him back in shape. Start by working together to make healthier food choices and start exercising as a team. By working with him on this, you two will start to reconnect as a man and a woman again, and that will definitely help to up the desire level for both of you.

Specific things you say and do can encourage natural responses within your spouse that make them crave to be intimate with you. Saying or doing the wrong thing will only worsen the problem and can lead to your partner feeling emotionally detached from you. Find out what you need to be doing to help your spouse regain their desire for you.

Most couples struggle with discussing the issue of a sexless marriage and as a result, nothing ever changes and both become more and more frustrated. Don't waste another day wishing your intimate life was more fulfilling, change it now. Visit http://www.howtomakeyourhusbandhappy.com/blog
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